Welcome to Sneaky Old Bastards
Welcome to Sneaky Old Bastards! Here, we value age and cunning over youth and skill! We formed this clan for mature gamers (oxymoron) to have a place to be free of the, well the kids. Where other clans look for youthful players, we are looking for the crusty guys and gals who are young at heart.

We don't need to hear epic fail (hahahahahaha) every time we die or screaming in Teamspeak (makes us poop our Depends).

SOB members are looking for the fun social experience of people we can relate to. Please check us out, jump on our team speak, have some fun. AARP or AMAC cards are not required...but are highly recommended!
SOB is formed out of the members of several other clans by people looking for a less drama gaming experience. We are adult gamers that respect each other and we do not need the childish behavior of younger gamers.
Quod et aetate et viribus careant et in nos perfidiam
"What we lack in youth and vigor, we make up for in treachery"